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Onehunga Apartments Onehunga

Longrun metal roofing

Old Exterior Cladding
Monolithic cladding with sprayed finish

New Exterior Cladding
Wooden weatherboard on a drained cavity system

Exterior Joinery

Special Features

Motorised Aluminium Louvre system fitted over 2nd
storey windows.

Project Brief

To reclad a block of six units with new wooden weatherboards.

Construction Manager
Mark Dawson

Site Foreman
Simon Muirhead

Judy Eden | Architect


It is with great pleasure that I can highly recommend MTD Build following the highly professional recladding of the six units located at 329 Onehunga Mall.

My client commissioned me as an architect to design and oversee the recladding of these residential and commercial units. They had previously been clad with a Harditex product.

Mark Dawson attended our preliminary meetings and was an active and positive input into the detailing and scheduling of this project. The MTD team was very thorough and skilled in the difficult and specialized task of recladding. These projects can often bring up issues that need a proactive approach.

This was achieved to the great satisfaction of both me and my client. We achieved Code of Compliance with much less fuss than I could have hoped for. It is therefore with confidence that I can highly recommend Mark Dawson and the team at MTD Build.

Judy Eden